Exceptional People / Exceptional Growth

Nov 2, 2023

It has always been our core focus to build Litefoot Technology unlike other IT Companies. Instilling the core principles of service, honesty, and accountability to our clients is our number one priority. We strive to maintain a small company feel as we continue to grow.

Three years-ago we were faced with a decision that would impact Litefoot’s growth and steer the way we do business today. At that time, our sales were focused on taking care of the current clients. We also operated in more of a break fix, reactive way of doing business. The industry has been growing towards a Managed IT Service model and we knew we had to refine our offerings in order to stay competitive. As God does, he answered our prayers at just the right time. One of my dear friends introduced me to our future Director of Business Development. After many conversations, some of which included his wife, he decided to come on board with Litefoot.  To say it has changed our sales and boosted our business is an understatement. When he came on-board, we focused more on providing Managed IT Services through a pro-active approach for our clients, while maintaining the traditional “Break Fix” model as well. He reflects hard work, honesty, and accountability we desire at Litefoot.

In a company where change is the norm, processes and strengths can easily turn into chaos and weaknesses. What had started as the technical department being the strength of the company had turned into a challenge as the department grew. I was faced with the decision to pull away from the doing technical work and move more into the role of owner. What we learned from this is that we were missing a leader. Someone with the knowledge, the attitude, and someone who understood that if you want to lead you need to learn to serve. Again, God answered this in perfect timing.  We had been working with a local Engineer for about a year on a part time basis. He started out helping Litefoot on higher end SAN deployments and challenging server migrations. I have been working in the IT field for 36 years and I have never met an individual with the IT intelligence that he possesses. What I really admired was his work ethic and his desire to lift everyone around him. After some staff adjustments and many conversations, we were able to bring him onboard as our new VP of Technical Operations.

Adjusting our business model, adding more offerings, and adding staff to Litefoot has given us the ability to take on new clients and grow at a staggering pace. The teamwork has been incredible and our client satisfaction has gone up tremendously. He is truly lifting all boats at the company.

Vincent L. Brannan
Litefoot Technology