About Litefoot

We are a Chattanooga-based company, founded in 2014, offering IT solutions to help your business run smoothly. Litefoot specializes in Managed IT Services, along with Managed Security Services. We are experts in Risk Intelligence, SIEM Monitoring, External Vulnerability Scans and Endpoint Detection / Response. Litefoot assures that your company is compliant in HIPPA, NIST and PII standards. We also offer custom Hardware and Software solutions. Litefoot saves your money and reputation by “doing it right” and at a savings.

We’re Often Asked: “What does Litefoot mean” ?

Litefoot comes from the vision of our company not effecting your productivity.
We take care of you without you noticing we are there. This is our goal.

Meet Team Litefoot

Team Litefoot
Vince Brannan - President

Litefoot’s president, Vince Brannan, has a long history in the IT field, dating back to 1983. During that timeline, he worked for HCA in both the Chattanooga and Dallas locations. Vince progressed to Parkland Hospital and helped in implementing a multi-million dollar Stratus fault tolerant mainframe. Upon returning to Chattanooga in the mid nineties, he worked with both TVA and the EPB in interfacing their systems and testing their nuclear and fossil-fuel components. He would go on to work with the school system and was their director of IS for another 14 years. Vince has always been driven to help clients fill their needs at a fair price. This desire led to his founding of Brannan Systems that would eventually grow into Litefoot Technology in 2014. Vince’s knowledge of the IT industry has helped Litefoot grow at a remarkable pace. The addition of knowledgeable sales professionals is helping Litefoot grow even more by offering managed services to his clients. It all comes down to knowledge and service at a fair price to help his client’s businesses succeed in the digital world. All of this growth has not come at the expense of the human factor. Litefoot takes pride in giving the client a real person to talk to and solve their problems in a fast and fair manner.

You can reach Vince at vince@litefoottech.com

Robert Hilton - Director of Business Development

Robert grew up in the small town of Christiana, PA. Upon graduating high-school, he joined the Army and spent 6.5 years on active duty and
another 5 years in the Army Reserves. Robert moved to Chattanooga in 1999 to attend college at UTC. He started working with a local Telecom Company, which was the start of his IT career. Robert moved into sales in 2011 and has held the roles of Account Executive, Senior Account Executive, and Director of Business Development.

Robert and his wife Allison have 5 adult children between them. He enjoys traveling, golf, spending time with his family, cooking, and trying new foods.

You can reach Robert at robert@litefoottech.com

Cathy I - Accounting

Cathy was born and raised in Maine where she started her early management experience, working in retail. After moving to Georgia, she met her future husband. Cathy found a job in the healthcare industry which began her accounting experience and she never looked back. Working in nursing-homes allowed her to also put her musical talents to work, entertaining and singing for the residents. Cathy currently works in the accounting department at Litefoot, putting over 30 years of accounting experience to good use.

Outside of work, she enjoys taking care of 2 Australian Shepards and an 18 year old Maine Coon Cat who runs the household. Cathy never misses an opportunity to spend time with her children or grand children.

You can reach Cathy at cathy@litefoottech.com

Kathy W - Project Manager

Kathy has worked as an IT consultant for 30 years, specializing in end-user assistance. She is a native Chattanoogan, who graduated from UTC. Kathy joined the Litefoot team in 2016 and now leads the Helpdesk team as Project Manager.

You can reach Kathy at kathy@litefoottech.com

Deano D - Account Executive

Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, Deano thrived in the hospitality industry. Just before his twenties, he moved to Atlanta and started a career with a restaurant group that had him traveling to open restaurants across the country. Fast forward a few more years he and his family moved to Chattanooga. He became the corporate research & development chef for the company creating menu items for multiple brands. After fifteen years, he decided to part ways with the hospitality industry and try something different.

 In 2019, he joined Litefoot Technology and managed the Helpdesk for approximately two years. Working day to day with account executives and technicians, he gravitated from helpdesk management & operations to a full time account executive in early 2021. He thrives in getting creative and helping his clients fulfill their IT and cyber-security needs while planning long term for their success.

 Outside of work, Deano enjoys spending time with his wife and two kiddos. He enjoys woodworking, outdoors and playing music.


You can reach Deano at dean@litefoottech.com


Ben B - Account Executive

A Chattanooga native, Ben has spent time working in various industries. Beginning with retail, he then spent a few years working in salons before moving onto the restaurant industry. He spent the next 6.5 years working his way up through the ranks of a local restaurant, eventually becoming the Assistant General Manager for the last 3.5 years of that time. Now he has come to Litefoot as an Account Executive bringing the customer service experience gained through years in service industries along with him.

Outside of work he enjoys playing music, painting, and spending time with his other half Rachael, their dog Minnie Pearl, and two cats Cassie and Monty.

You can reach Ben at ben@litefoottech.com

Eric C - Network Engineer / Systems Admin

Eric worked for over 15 years with Networks Inc. Litefoot technology acquired Networks in 2018 and he has been a highlight from that purchase. He works extensively in enterprise networks. Eric has a BS in Engineering from UTC. His experience includes certification in:

• Microsoft MSCS
• A+
• Citrix
• Zorcom
• VMware
• HP certifcations.

Eric’s work experience includes:

• 20+ years experience in system integration.
• CECA at the University of TN as a systems administrator.
• Roper Corp (GE) as a product engineer.
• TVA in plant technical services as an engineer and SQL DB admin.
• Networks Inc. and Litefoot technologies as a network engineer / systems admin.

You can reach Eric at eric@litefoottech.com

Nathan C - Network Engineer

Nathan graduated from Georgia Northwestern Technical College in 2010 with a degree in Electronics and Industrial Technology. Nathan has been working with technology for the last 12 years. In those years he worked for a non-proffit as a systems administrator and has been working at Litefoot since 2017. Nathan has extended work with Windows networks, Exchange servers, and server migrations. Dental offices are one of his specialties.

 You can reach Nathan at nathan@litefoottech.com

Richard E - VoIP Administrator

Joined us in 2020 as our VOIP Admin.
Richard’s experience includes working in healthcare as a system analyst. He specialized in break / fixx of pc, printers and end devices. He also supported the EMR software and AS400 configuration.

Richard’s past work experience includes work in a small IT consulting offce, where he supported all aspects of small businesses in their IT needs. He supported Active Directory, installed printers, supported Office 365, and anything else that was requested.

Richard holds the following certifications:

• Microsoft Windows 10 Certified
• Comptia A+
• Comptia Network+
• Comptia Security+
• CompTIA IT Operations Specialist – CIOS
• CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist – CSIS

 You can reach Richard at richard@litefoottech.com

Jeff W - Risk Assessment

Jeff was a 2002 student at New Horizons. He received the following certifications as a student:

• A+
• Net+

Jeff’s work experience outside of LiteFoot consisted of 18 yrs. at ALLMEDS EHR, where he worked as an Engineer / Database Administrator. His work consisted primarily of SQL Admin / Performance Troubleshooting / fixing database corruption.

You can reach Jeff at jeff@litefoottech.com

Eric T - Technician

Eric received his Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems from SUNY Empire. He has worked in the IT Industry for about 17 years, most of which has been with a Municipality. He enjoys working with both hardware and software.

Eric tries to stay up to date in all aspects of the industry, so he specializes in a wide gamut of topics.

You can reach Eric at erict@litefoottech.com

David H - Technician

David has been in the IT field for over 9 years. He enjoys working on both the network side and in all aspects of the industry.

Dallas T - Helpdesk Technician

Dallas will be graduating in May 2022 with a Associate degree in Cyber Defense. He has been with Litefoot Technology since September of 2020.   

You can reach Dallas at dallas@litefoottech.com

David A - Tier One Technician

Grew up on Signal Mountain. I loved playing baseball, football, and doing different outdoor activities until having a diving accident at the age of 16 in August of 2010. The accident left me paralyzed from the shoulders down with limited arm mobility. Since my injury, Electronics have been my passion. In the almost twelve years since my injury, I have enjoyed building multiple computers as well as a pfSense router. I have played around with Arduino boards and raspberry pis for different projects. Gaming is one of my biggest hobbies as well as building various remote-control vehicles. I have learned how to trace 3d point clouds within AutoCAD to make 3D models and started dabbling in 3d printing recently. I have become pretty proficient with computers and various devices since my injury and frequently have family and friends call on me for IT help. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family.

You can reach David at DavidA@litefoottech.com

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