Strong like David

Dec 15, 2023

Occasionally in life, you get to meet someone REALLY special. Someone who has a perspective that is beyond this world. I frequently hear men talking about what a “real man” should be like. (ie: Take no Prisoners, Make the Sale at All Costs, Don’t Backdown, Be Hard with the Truth, Your Physical Self Defines You, etc)

The person in this message has a totally different take on being masculine. The ‘David’ I admire is in a wheel-chair. He has only partial use of his upper arms. Despite his condition, his manliness shines like a beacon to everyone he meets. David was injured when he was a teenager. A promising athlete, he was headed for the “best time of his life”. Reality had a different direction for David’s future. After a serious accident, he found himself in the hospital without the use of his limbs.

David’s father will be the first to tell you: “David was the strong one during this time”. When the family Rushed to meet him at the hospital it wasn’t dad supporting his son, it was David reassuring his father. It’s all going to be fine and we will make the best of it he said. David’s father was there to be strong and supportive for his son but having a young man with this perspective is rare and it relieved a family that was worried about the phycological damage a situation like this can have. David truly has the heart of Jesus.

If you meet David’s family, you’ll see a strong supporting cast. Ranging from a quiet, unassuming mother that helps hold it all together, to a father that regularly takes the place of David’s hands and feet. Add to that, a sister, with her own busy life, supporting her brother with a love that everyone can see. David’s family are all unsung hero’s.

Personally, I have been so fortunate to know this family and have David as one of our cherished employees. When we struggle, we now have an earthly example of tough-manliness. David is one of the smartest techs on our team. He attacks work with the same effort he attacks everything in his life, with passion. He is humble and always tells truths with grace. David sets an example for each of us and that would include you if you knew him. He has made each of us better for knowing him and we love him for it. When we are faced with the hard realities of life, so many can become bitter from it. I guess you have two directions to go at that point, you can get angry or you can learn from it. I do know David’s secret and it’s a Godly perspective on everything. David emulates the same Jesus he serves and loves. To us, this makes him one of the strongest, real men you’ll ever meet. I really do want to be “Strong like David”. 

Thank you Lord, for this wonderful young man.

Vincent L. Brannan
LiteFoot Technology
5901 Shallowford Road Suite 135
Chattanooga, TN 37421