Who Hates Auto Attendant?

Jan 12, 2024

The truth is: most people do not like “Auto Attendants”, when calling a company.  Customer service has become somewhat of a lost art over the past few decades as we have become more reliant on technology. Technology has allowed us to make tremendous advances concerning production and services in the business world. Just like anything, dealing with humans takes a principled approach to keep you in between the good and bad. The customer should never feel like they are “fortunate” to get to pay for a service.

At Litefoot Technology, we strive to have an actual person on the other end of calls/texts/emails.  Since we have implemented the ability to text our main line, we have been astonished at how much it is used by the customers. Litefoot is able to effect the problem in real time on most occasions. Most people that are on the front lines, prefer this method because it cuts down on the waiting. You get a response within a few minutes. Let’s face it: in business, more than a few minutes means lost sales or productivity. We strive to answer every call and our phones roll to the next person if the call center is all tied up. Email is monitored all thru the day in order to respond as quickly as possible.

In an industry that’s big on the sale, and small on the service, Litefoot Technology is the opposite. We never think we are too good to answer questions or too scared to tell you the truth about your situation. We started this business always asking what would we do in the client’s shoes? That’s still the first question we ask ourselves when working with anyone. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Do we strive to hold ourselves accountable? Absolutely!

If you’re a customer, know that if your not getting the service you feel is appropriate, my number is listed below. If I do not answer, feel free to text or give me time to call you back. We will listen to your issue, we will investigate your issue and we will quickly report back to you what we have found. My mother always said two people can be reasonable and we strive to be that for everyone we deal with.

God bless all our customers and anyone that reads this post!

Vincent L. Brannan
LiteFoot Technology
5901 Shallowford Road Suite 135
Chattanooga, TN 37421
423-785-6769 / 423-305-5038