Developing a Service Mentality

Jan 22, 2024

As a business owner, important decisions are always on the horizon. There is no way you can know everything
and make accurate decisions, every time. At best, you’re taking an educated guess on decisions that aren’t in
your wheel-house. I see small businesses fail every day and it breaks my heart. Individuals with the work ethic
and knowledge start off with a bang, only to end with a crash. There are some common denominators I have
noticed in the failures over the years: If you want to be successful, learn to serve your clients. In an age where
service to your client is usually just a slogan, real service is more than a favor for the “squeaky-wheel”.

Actually treating your customer with a service mentality will vault you to the upper 70 percent within your
industry. These clients also tend to be very loyal when they receive that service. Small businesses usually get
the service end right, from the beginning. Where they tend to fail is the financial side. These small businesses,
many times, never separate the business from personal finances. This is the death knell to a company.

As a company grows most owners micro-manage each piece of the business. At some point, you must find
good people to assist you in making your company successful. It’s just too big for one person. This help can
come from internal sources and it can also be your vendors. I have been blessed to have some of the best
internal help a company could have. We also seek and find the best vendors to help service our clients. Our
vendors have proven themselves worthy of our business. That’s one of the reasons we have been so successful.
We expect no less of ourselves when serving our clients.

There are no words or contracts that can make a company worthy of your business. I would encourage you to
give us a try at Litefoot technology. It is our sincere desire to make you successful when it comes to technology.
We want to earn your trust and hold ourselves accountable when we make mistakes. We know that’s what
we want from our vendors and demand from ourselves. When you’re making those educated guesses about
technology, Litefoot is a company you can rely on to give solid advice. You have my word to “listen” and act on
your behalf 24/7.

God bless you and your business!

Vincent L. Brannan
LiteFoot Technology
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Chattanooga, TN 37421
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