The Daily Security Scare

Feb 22, 2024

We live in a world full of bad news, it’s overwhelming. The 24 hour news cycle has created a perceived reality that something bad will happen at any moment. The truth is, it has always been this way and we are not in charge of everything. My mother always told me to “pick my battles”. In the network world, you cannot fix AT&T’s or Microsoft’s next outage or breach. The battle you can pick is your company’s security and that’s enough of a challenge for any individual in charge of protecting company assets.

Litefoot offers solid solutions to help keep you safe; but this post is not about that. Most breaches are due to human error. Many hacks start with an employee having a momentary lack of judgement. This can be as simple as grabbing the wrong document and sending it to the wrong client or it can be opening an email that appears to be from someone you know that just has 1 character different in the email address. These 2 examples can cost a company in fines and depleted bank accounts.

Creating an atmosphere that allows the employee to report a known breach quickly and without the fear of severe repercussions is a must. Time is of the essence in the case of most breaches. Having an employee in charge of security awareness and training may sound like just one more issue but its better than a breach that can lead to the ruin of the company. Emails sent at an interval reminding of security processes and examples of the latest breach/breaches will help create and atmosphere of a security minded group of employees.

Short group meetings that focus on security procedures and awareness are a necessary part of creating this culture. At Litefoot we have the systems in place to assist you in making your network a hard target. That said, adding awareness in your company is a must for those that want to beat the odds.

Vincent L. Brannan
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